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You are all now aware of the growing tensions between WFAN management and Mike Francesa. You are welcome to visit the intersection of sports/politics/media and the carnival we call America by Following The Mike Francesa Blog above.

In the blog you can read about some exclusive information as to where Mike Francesa will broadcast after 2017 and speculation as to whether Donald Trump will offer Francesa a cabinet position.

What will be the future of WFAN post 2017? If you can't reach WFAN via cellphone, write your opinions on the forum or email us directly.

All can be discussed on the MikeFrancesa.com website message board forum. To Enter Follow the Mike Francesa WFAN Forum above.

It is at the Forum and Blog where you can read the opinions and sources of "Bob Montagnet", an insider in the industry who uses this codename moniker to shield his real identity, call it a pen name, perhaps in the vein of Anonymous, the unnamed journalist who wrote Primary Colors. It is also the permanent home for the answers to the annual WFAN Super Bowl Tickets Contest.

We have tried to advise Mark Chernoff and WFAN to offer full daily podcasts of the Mike Francesa show, if you agree please email the station and ask them to modernize their digital footprint?

Would you like to see WFAN eliminate the archaic 20/20 updates, please email the station and let your voice be heard and feel free to call the show to express all of your opinions.

We have no control over WFAN's use of questionable ads/commercials, we have expressed our disdain at some of the get rich quick real estate scams and snake oil cures, if you feel that these ads show a lack of respect to the listener please email Mark Chernoff and ask him to only sell ad space to reputable companies.

Does the U.S. government utilize tapes of the Boomer and Carton show as mental torture for the prisoners at Gitmo? Most people can't actually listen voluntarily as Boomer and Carton take 20 minutes to discuss something that could be resolved in one sentence. Carton, "Right, right, right." Craig Carton is living proof that a ninth grade buffoon can make six figures in this great country. The only person in the media that takes longer than Boomer and Carton to make a point is Rachel Maddow.

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The Mike Francesa Blog: The Latest Sports/Political/Media Insider Rumors/News From Bob Montagnet:

My source reveals that Mike Francesa will renew his contract with WFAN and broadcast past 2017. To read more about this, visit the Mike Francesa blog above.

If Alex Rodriguez admits he made an "ass" of himself in his interview with the Sports Pope, what does that make Francesa?

Does Craig Carton have issues regarding his obsession with Francesa, see the psychology report at the blog above, hint, it does involve broadcast envy. Is Boomer Esiason an arrogant jerk and pretentious hypocrite off air? What do you think?

If Mike Francesa does leave WFAN, where will he go? Sources speculate, read more about it in the Blog above.

Will Donald Trump be impeached before the 2020 election, will he resign before 2020, check out the odds and White House sources at the Blog.

Bob Montagnet reveals his stock market predictions, visit the Wall Street forum at the Forums page.

To read this blog post in its entirety follow The Mike Francesa Blog above.

In addition Bob Montagnet has authored the definitive deal that would destroy ISIS, to view this solution visit The Blog and search for "Solution To Destroying ISIS".

Bob Montagnet has written the Twitter Manifesto, visit the Blog and search for "Twitter Manifesto" to see the real way Twitter can unlock its power and profit and become the only site to visit for breaking news and real time events.

Nanograss.com, what is it, ask your local scientist. The future is all about nanotechnology: Nanograss. If you are interested in the Nanograss.com domain name, email the website but only if you have the intelligence to grasp what nanotechnology is all about.

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Email Contact Address For Mike Francesa.com

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