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If it makes anyone feel better, especially those that miss the Dog, Russo contest started @ 3 and the first caller of the day won. Mad Dog is taking a lot of flack for this because he decided to ask only Lombardi questions for #1-3 (he's on a HUGE Lombardi-obsession) and an audio for #4. The Lombardi fact questions were very quick to find and needed very very little research. He's also upset because one of his five winners had won two years prior and today's winner was the brother of a winner from LAST year.

Honestly, listening to the two shows, I preferred Mike's version of the contest. Sure, everyone had such difficulty calling in, and the #1s were such softballs, but he also allowed cornered the contestants by giving fresher, newer questions at #2 and #3, with the difficult #4 (up until yesterday and today).

Russo had positives. He used two audios and two oral questions for each contestant. He also tried something new and never used an answered question again in the contest. By today, though, he had only 4 unasked #3s, so he "over-managed" and tried to change things up with the Lombardi questions.
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