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Default Frank Isola Wrong Again, Said Michael Porter JR Bulls Guaran

Frank Isola, honest question, does any of his sourced predictions come true, and do you notice whenever he goes on WFAN with Joe and Evan he has little to say, the latest Isola information to be totally wrong:

Isola stated that no way Michael Porter JR. would have cancelled his workout if he did not have a guarantee from a top 10 team, probably the Chicago Bulls to draft him, this Isola clown actually thought the blown workout was a strategy to steer Porter JR to his preferred team.

Let's recap some of the most recent Isola predictions that came highly sourced:

1. Carmelo Anthony would not resign with the Knicks.

2. Lebron James desperately wanted the Cavs to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.

3. Phil Jackson will not take the GM job with the Knicks because he is holding out for a dual role of Team President and Head Coach.

How many times are you reading an Isola article and think, this stuff reads like made up gossip nonsense.

Frank Isola, great on ESPN, not so great at the NY Daily News.
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