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Old 01-19-2007, 09:13 PM
Gun to your head
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Default My initial attempt at a FAQ

Mike Fran, here is an intial attempt at a FAQ for the board. This is part 1 since it was too big and I received an error. I hope others can add some suggestions also. Once we finalize it, you can make it a sticky if you want to. FYI, I cut and pasted the text from the links I gave (except to the blog), since who knows how long those links will be active.

0. Newbies and Veterans, please read the posting rules, they sometimes change during the year so keep yourself updated if you are unsure of a post.

1. Whatever happened to Jerome from Manhattan? Or what is wrong with that Jerome from Manhattan?

Jerome doesn't call WFAN as frequently as he used to for whatever reason. Some say health, some say he is banned from some shows. He does call into Jody MacDonald on 1050 ESPN Radio, it seems every weekend, and is usually the first caller up on a Saturday or Sunday morning with Jody Mac. He has called into WFAN though several times in the last year, most recently to Steve Somers and even more recently to Beningo and Roberts (4/10/2007). There are a few threads you can search for discussing Jerome and his antics.

Here's an article on Jerome from the New York Times back in 2004.


From the NY Times:
Citypeople: Seventh-Inning Kvetch
October 24, 2004

THE airwaves of WFAN, New York's oldest sports-talk radio station, are a hearty aural stew of regular-Joe voices calling in from the five boroughs and beyond to offer up analysis and attitude about local sports teams. But the sharpest, sauciest voice of all, that of the preternaturally peevish Yankee fan known to hundreds of thousands of listeners as "Jerome from Manhattan," has been strangely silent this fall as the Yankees' season built to its history-making showdown with the Boston Red Sox.

Jerome Mittelman, an only-in-New-York bundle of frenzied rage, frustration and sports opinions, typically calls WFAN three or four times a week during the baseball season, often to subject his Yankees to the sort of searing, hurt-tinged critique usually reserved for one's closest friends and family. "He is the most manic Yankee fan in New York, because manic runs both hot and cold, up and down," said Jody McDonald, co-host, with Sid Rosenberg, of the WFAN midday show. "He can be overjoyed and likes to rub it in when the Yankees do well, but when they do poorly - and poorly for the Yankees is a relative term - he can get annoyed-slash-belligerent quickly."

To many listeners, Jerome from Manhattan's unself-conscious, Jackie Gleasonesque tirades are some of the funniest segments on New York radio. Mr. Mittelman knows his team, and his calls often begin with a calm, reasoned observation before igniting, within just a few syllables, into ear-splitting, apoplectic fury. "In radio we have a decibel meter, and if you go over 10 you're in the red," said Steve Somers, a WFAN host. "Jerome is always in the red."

But as the Yankees marched through the end of the regular season and the first round of the playoffs this month, into their decisive clash with the Red Sox, WFAN received just a single, short call from Mr. Mittelman, which he terminated abruptly. The station staff and callers alike found that his silence left a conspicuous hole in WFAN's programming. "A lot of people e-mail me, and call on the air on occasion, to ask where he is," Mr. Somers said.

Mr. Mittelman, it turns out, has been battling illness and is staying at his mother's Upper West Side apartment - located in the same building as his own - where he is caring for her. In a series of telephone interviews as brief and unpredictable as many of his on-air calls to WFAN, he explained that a recent bout of poor health (he suffers from epilepsy, diabetes and colitis) has kept him from calling.

But the mercurial 49-year-old fan expressed certainty, as the American League Championship Series got under way, that his beloved, accursed Yankees would soon fail. "I think they're gonna lose the whole thing," he said crankily, his voice coming in short, emphatic bursts. "Call me when they lose!"

A real-life caricature of Yankee Nation's anxiety, impatience and sense of entitlement, Mr. Mittelman can usually find something to fret about.

"There's very little that actually makes Jerome happy," said Mark Chernoff, the WFAN program director. "Even after the Yankees have won the World Series, Jerome would be on the air the next day saying he wonders which players are going to leave - so he's already looking at the negative side. One of our hosts' lines one year was, 'Jerome, can we have the parade first, before you're worried that they're not going to win the World Series next year?' ''

Mr. Mittelman's notoriety had already reached such heights a decade ago that a WFAN staffer put together a special introduction that Mr. Somers still plays before Jerome's every on-air call. A parody of "The Twilight Zone," the segment features an announcer who earnestly intones: "Picture a man sitting alone in his room: no family, no friends, just a phone and the sports section. A man obsessively pondering the fate of the Yanks, Jets and Knicks. His is a dimension of sight, of sound - but of no mind. There's a rubber room up ahead. You're entering ... The Jerome Zone."

ALTHOUGH WFAN maintains that it does not keep recordings of its programs, some of Jerome's classic calls give station employees such pleasure that they have kept them on their computers. In one much-replayed cut he screams with guttural, apocalyptic fervor that the Yankees are "done! D-O-E-N: DONE!"

On occasion, his molten ire has erupted into profanity, causing the station to ban him temporarily from its airwaves. "Then what Jerome does is call the newsroom constantly to talk sports," as often as eight times a day, Mr. Chernoff said.

"It almost doesn't matter if he's on the air or not," added Eddie Scozzare, a WFAN producer.

Rooting avidly for the Yankees provides Mr. Mittelman an escape from his day-to-day cares, said Sara Mittelman, a WFAN caller known as "Sara from the Bronx" who is a first cousin of Jerome from Manhattan. "It gives him something other than his own illnesses and his mom's illness to look forward to and to rally around," Ms. Mittelman explained. "He's a really good son and basically a really good, sweet person who loves sports."

Mr. Mittelman - who is about 5-foot-7 and balding, according to WFAN staffers who met him at a special broadcast from a Midtown bar last year - also possesses a raw, unaffected honesty that many find refreshing in an age of polished media personalities. "There is such a vulnerability there with him that you want to care about him," said Mr. Somers, who once sent Mr. Mittelman $60 to finance an imminent blind date.

"But he never had the date and never returned the $60," Mr. Somers recalled, laughing. "And I said, 'Jerome, what about my 60 bucks?' He said: 'No more!' ''

WFAN is such a big part of Mr. Mittelman's life that he has phoned even when hospitalized. On one such call, he interrupted himself to tell a nurse - and all New York - ''I need a gown, another gown, 'cause it's wet, and I'll put it on myself."

Given Mr. Mittelman's chattiness, his on-air silence during this fall's playoffs may underscore the severity of his health problems. Especially frustrating for such a die-hard fan, Mr. Mittelman said, was his doctor's decision to treat his epilepsy with a drug that hinders his watching the games on television. "I have to listen on the radio," Mr. Mittelman explained morosely. "Stupid doctor gave me a medicine. Making me see double. So stupid."

But after the Yankees bolted to a two-games-to-none series lead over the Sox, Mr. Mittelman's spirits perked up, even as he griped that the superintendent - the "stupid super" - was sending up heat into his mother's apartment. "I think the Yankees are gonna sweep 'em," he predicted.

Still, the long games seemed to take a toll on Mr. Mittelman. "I'm not feeling good," he groaned the day following the 12-inning Game 4. And finally, on Thursday, the day after the Yankees dropped their fourth straight game to cap the most colossal postseason collapse in baseball history, Mr. Mittelman grew downright bellicose. "The Yankees stink!'' he howled. "Get rid of Giambi! Get rid of the second baseman! Get rid of the whole team!'' Then, overhearing his mother talking on the telephone about his Social Security disability payments, he hollered: "Don't give me the check! Send it to the Yankees! Get more players!''

Despite Mr. Mittelman's animation at home, however, his on-air silence at WFAN has grown deafening. "We need Jerome here at the Fan because in the last 12 months we lost Doris from Rego Park," said Mr. McDonald, referring to the death of another well-known caller.

Indeed, Mr. Mittelman's caustic, top-of-the-lungs voice is as much a part of the aural texture of New York baseball history as the former Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto yelling "Holy cow!" after a home run or Russ Hodges, the New York Giants radio announcer, shouting in 1951: "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"

"There are probably a few hundred thousand listeners who know who Jerome is, and maybe some tens of thousands of those will remember him years from now," Mr. Scozzare said. "A small sample of humanity, but still, probably more than most of us are remembered by."

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Old 01-19-2007, 09:16 PM
Gun to your head
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Part 2.

2. Whatever happened to Doris from Rego Park? Or do you remember Doris from Rego Park?
Yes we do. Here is an excellent article from Raissman eulogizing her.


Overnight loses family member

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

"Thank you for your time and courtesy."

That's how Doris From Rego Park ended all her telephone calls to radio sports talkies.

The depths of the night can be very daunting.

Especially if you are sick.

Especially if you are lonely.

Especially if you just want to talk to somebody.

That's when Doris did her best work. Sometime between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Usually it was with WFAN's Joe Benigno. The two of them talked like family. And all of us who are up and around at that hour were part of it, too.

Oh, it wasn't always smooth sailing. A few times Doris went wiggy on Benigno because he put her on too close to an update or commercial break. At those very cantankerous moments you knew Benigno was thinking about the many times he let Doris go on and on and on. His tone presented an image of a guy throwing his arms up in the air and saying: "Geesh, what do you want from me?"

That's okay. Families do have their moments.

For Doris, it was always about the Mets. She spoke as if they were family, too. We all knew what season ticket plan she had at Shea and what games she would be attending.

And after almost every Mets game, Doris would be on the air with some talkie. As she rehashed the game, always interrupted by a constant cough brought on by her battles with breast and lung cancer, the sheer intensity of her love for the Mets always came through.

That's what was so cool about Doris. She didn't have particularly startling insights, but man did she have passion. Day after summer day, night after summer night, she ground it out with her team.

Most fans are pretenders. They really aren't totally plugged into all 162. Doris was always there. Even in late September, long after the Mets lost all hope. There wasn't a phoney bone in Doris' body.

She liked Doc and Darryl, but she loved her Lenny.

Doris had her favorite talkies too.


Jody McDonald.

Suzyn Waldman.

Ian (The Bird) Eagle.

Don LaGreca.

Over the years, she would call me with questions, mostly about sports talk radio. The last time I spoke with Doris was in June. Fox Sports wanted her to read the Mets lineup prior to a Subway Series interleague game at Yankee Stadium. Doris said she was too sick to go to the Bronx.

I suspect she just didn't want to set foot in Yankee Stadium. If the game was at her beloved Shea, well, I still want to believe she would have been there, proudly reading the Mets lineup on TV.

Today, following a memorial service in Rego Park, they will bury Doris Bauer, who died last week at the age of 58. The cancer finally got her.

It took away a familiar voice.

A voice full of concern for her Mets.

It took away a piece of the radio night.

Thank you, Doris.

Thank you for your time and courtesy.

3. Do you have any pictures of Ro Francesa?


Do you want any?


4. Do you have any pictures of Jeanne Russo?


Do you want any?


5. Did Mike and Chris make callers take loyalty oaths the day of 9/11/2001?

Yes. Here are some colums/excerpts from Phil Mushnick regarding this. Many members of this board remember it the same exact way. Of course WFAN will never release those tapes, if they even still exist.

Mushnick from 9/24/01:

Several times in recent days, Francesa and Russo were able to put their fingers on the root cause of Sept. 11's terrorist attacks - Israel, U.S. support of Israel and, by extension, American Jews. Such an outdated canard was very interesting considering current world events that apparently elude Francesa and Russo.....
...But Russo and Francesa's most stunning moments, emboldened by the sycophants in their audience - the only callers who are indulged without interruption - came when they suggested that American Jews, on their program, submit to make-believe wartime loyalty oaths to either America or Israel.

I'm sitting there, a third-generation American, my late father a Naval lieutenant who served in two theaters during WW II, four people I know, including a fireman, are missing and presumed dead, and Francesa and Russo, are inviting me to take a loyalty test designed for American Jews to prove their virtue to two sports talk know-it- alls in the wake of an attack by religious lunatics on the United States.

Mushnick 11/8/02 :

UNLIKE Mike Francesa, I'm uncomfortable making myself the focus of my work.

But Francesa told several lies on the air Monday, self-serving lies not easily apparent to his audience. And, as Winston Churchill said, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

And the lies he told, simultaneously on WFAN and the YES Network, were at the expense of my integrity. And so I write, today, both in my own defense and to expose a 50,000-watt clear-signal liar. (And because it's a juicy story, too.)

Monday, Francesa and Chris Russo responded to an item I wrote about them in that day's Post. It noted on the day of the Nets' home opener, they did a rare remote from the Meadowlands, offering, at the top of the show, a bunch of reasons as to why they were there, but likely excluding a significant one: That night's game was the Nets' first regular-season game on YES; and Francesa and Russo are on the YES payroll.

"Dumbest thing I ever heard [sic] in my life," Russo said.

"Not even a kernel of truth," Francesa said.

While, knowing them as I do, I don't believe them, that doesn't mean that I'm right or that they lied. The lies are those that followed.

Francesa: "This is the same guy who last year, when quotes were attributed to me in The Post, and The Times was going to slaughter me, called up and [The Times] had to can the piece because he [The Times columnist] had to admit that The Times never heard it."

Russo: "What was that? I forget that one."

Francesa: "Those quotes about 9/11 and everything, which weren't made and no one ever found them. Plus, so he had to admit that he never heard them, so he got them second- or third-hand and they weren't even true quotes and they didn't even have the quotes, so they couldn't do the story."

Wow, damning stuff. I fabricated a story about the content of Francesa's show in the wake of 9/11. Consequently, the New York Times was forced to "can" a story in which it had planned to "slaughter" Francesa based on what I'd written.

Scandalous. I should be fired. But only if it were true.

Sports media columnist Richard Sandomir is the person from The Times who contacted Francesa.

"There was never any overt attempt to do such a story," he said Monday night. "I spoke with Mike, but then had neither the time nor inclination to pursue it. I couldn't, not after [WFAN program director] Mark Chernoff told me that the show [in question] was not taped.

"There was no attempt to slaughter' Mike because there was no attempt to pursue it beyond that conversation I had with him."

Furthermore, Francesa's claim that I fabricated quotes, then attributed them to him is a total lie because I never quoted either Francesa or Russo in that column. I couldn't quote them because WFAN claimed that it did not tape that particular segment.

But I did hear them - first-hand, not "second or third-hand" - then wrote a column critical of them for characterizing the 9/11 attacks as the fault of Israel, and by extension, American Jews.

I criticized them for suggesting that American Jews declare their loyalty to either Israel or the U.S. I wrote that as a third- generation American Jew and the son of a World War II veteran U.S. Naval officer, I found their take to be ignorant, repugnant and inflammatory.

And I listened at length, that day, because I'd already received calls, faxes and e-mails complaining about Francesa's and Russo's simplistic, bigoted overview on 9/11, one that ignored the fact that radical, theocratic Muslims were murdering non-Muslims of all faiths, all over the world.

The fact that no tape was, in Francesa's words, "ever found" - he failed to mention WFAN's claim not to have taped the segment I wrote about - was used by Francesa, Monday, as proof that I fabricated a story about him.

And that bogus premise, based in a lie, was used by Francesa as proof as to why The Times killed a piece that would've condemned him.

And that bogus premise, based in a lie, was used used by Francesa as proof that quotes I attributed to him were fabricated - when he was never even quoted.

(continued in next post)

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Old 01-19-2007, 09:29 PM
Gun to your head
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Here is a letter from the Anti Defamation League to WFAN about the 9/11 broadcast. (thanks Gordon Gekko)

Mark Chernoff
WFAN-AM Program Director
Infinity Broadcasting
Kaufman Astoria Studios
34-12 36th Street
Astoria, NY 11106 September 24, 2001

Dear Mr. Chernoff:

Since September 12th, ADL offices in the tri-state area have been flooded with calls complaining about comments made by "Mike and the Mad Dog" show hosts Mike Francesa and Chris Russo. The complaints focus on the hosts suggesting the motive behind the World Trade Center attack is U.S. support for the State of Israel or, more importantly, suggesting a divided loyalty for American Jews between our country and Israel.

We have reached out to you asking for a response to these complaints in order to better inform our constituents about this matter. At this point, we need more than a casual explanation for the comments made by the hosts. The calls continue to come in on a daily basis describing the hosts' continual injection of Israel in connection with the World Trade Center tragedy.

We understand that WFAN is a station whose focus is the sports world. At this time we suggest it would be appropriate for Mr. Francesa and Mr. Russo to be instructed that their listeners tune in to hear an analysis of the game rather than unfounded presumptions about a horrific act of terrorism.

We look forward to your response.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director
Anti-Defamation League

cc: Lee Davis,
WFAN General Manager
Chris Carlin,
Producer, "Mike and the Mad Dog"

A thread discussing the 9/11 Jewish loyalty oaths controversy can be found at this link


6. Is there any audio of old shows around?

Not that we know of. The only old audio we could find was some Imus in the morning clips where he would play parts of their show or when they would call into Imus. Here is one of Mike Francesa ripping Joe Beningo a new one when Joe accused Bill Parcells of not wanting to win a New York Jets game with Neil Odonnell making a critical pass.


Here is a link to more. You will have to search the page for Francesa or Russo, or sports radio, it is not very user friendly.


7. Who are the best or worst callers?

Please use the search function. There are a couple of threads already done on this. Please don't start another one.

8. Do you have the New Yorker Article on Mike and Chris?
Yes. It is in the blog (thanks Mike Fran!) It is an excellent article, please read it.


9. Has this web site ever been mentioned on air?
Yes, multiple times. Mike Francesa has stated he has no problem with this website and its domain name.

11. Are ESPN analysts, commentators, etc. allowed to come on WFAN anymore?

ESPN did enact a policy that their people are not allowed to go on WFAN radio, but it seems some of the upper tier 'personalities' (Gammons, Berman, etc) don't need to follow it and can come on if they want.

Here is the report from the NY Post (
December 15, 2006 -- ESPN sent down an internal directive this week that bans any of its on-air personnel from appearing as a guest on WFAN, The Post has learned.

As part of a larger memo that impacts its owned and operated stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Dallas, ESPN is preventing its analysts from appearing on non-ESPN radio stations in those markets.

This means that guests such as Peter Gammons or Kirk Herbstreit will have to go against company policy if they want to appear on FAN.

"It makes good business sense that ESPN should be the home of ESPN talent,'' ESPN spokesman Dan Quinn said.

12. Do you have audio of Chris's tirade when the Giants lost to the Marlins in the 2003 NLDS ?

Here are a couple of links with the audio when Imus replayed it on his show.



13. Why does it seem most posters here hate WFAN and/or the on air personalities? Why continue listening if that is the case?

I think it's safe to say most of us here are fans of the station, and want it to improve. Of course pointing out ways for improvement will involve criticism. Keep in mind, this is not a tribute site. Yes, some posters can get a little out of hand with the criticism and that may dominate the discussion for a day or two, but rest assured there are plenty of us who enjoy WFAN and want to see it improve.

Here is a thread discussing some of this.

And another.

Thank you in advance for not starting another thread about this.

14. Do regular/celebrity callers like Jerome from Manhattan, Al from White Plains, etc have a special number to call into WFAN, and is that how they get on the air all the time.

There has been much discussion about this on the board. Although there is still some argument about it, most of us think regular/celebrity callers have some sort of "in" to get on a show. Usually at the same time every week or if the discussion turns to some *relevant* topic that they have discussed before and the host and/or producer would want them on. It could be instant access, or the producers cell phone, dialing into the contest line, or the WFAN offices, etc. It can be many other different ways, but it is probably safe to say they do have "other means" of getting on the air besides the regular 718 937-6666 number.

Addendum : Sid Rosenburg himself said (on this board) there is no special dial in for regular callers. So we are probably off base with above.

Here's a couple of threads discussing this.



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Old 01-18-2008, 07:24 PM
Gun to your head
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16. Do you remember when Mike "apologized" for his behavior to callers and others.

Yes. Prompted by his good buddy Bill Parcells' relationship as coach of the Jets with Leon Hess. Here is part of the article about this.

A few weeks ago, after returning from a five-week vacation, Francesa -- a 10-year veteran of sports radio, a pioneer of sorts for the genre, and a man whose often-abrasive style has been imitated by many young sports talkies -- returned to his popular afternoon-drive show with a 13-minute opening monologue that sounded a whole lot like a scene out of Jerry Maguire.

Francesa spoke to the masses about how he and all his colleagues can do their jobs without all the cacophony of stupidity that passes for hard-edged sports commentary. "(We've) been too negative, too personal and too reactionary," Francesa told his audience. "It can't get much lower than it is now. It's sunk every year. That includes us. I think we've got a lot of work to do. ... We don't have any responsibility. We should be held to what we say. I'm embarrassed by sports talk.

"I've got to be smarter doing this job. I have to be better prepared. ... (The industry has) gotten real dumb, real classless. Most guys don't know what they're talking about. ... I think I can raise the bar in how we approach guests, topics and callers. ... (Young broadcasters) think you have to be a wise-***, insulting people, being irreverent. ... I don't think so. Maybe people will kind of follow suit."

More than a week later, Francesa talked about the reaction to his transformation. "My remarks have been greeted skeptically by some, praised by others, cynically by the rest," he says, chuckling. "Some have said, "That's just Francesa and his out-of-control ego, just trying to separate himself from others in the business,' like I feel I'm somehow above them. The strangest criticism of all was from some listeners who said my new attitude was because of my close friendship with (Jets coach) Bill Parcells and that I was preparing to take over the Jets (in the front office), and that's why I did it."

And just for the record, Francesa says, no, he is not now, nor in the near or distant future, planning on moving into the Jets' front office.

So what was it that brought about this epiphany? Francesa traces his enlightenment to a controversy involving Jets owner Leon Hess, who he regularly savaged on the air a couple of years ago without having a conversation with the reclusive owner. "I took after Mr. Hess, gave it to him really bad. I characterized him as a clueless, Dudley Moore-type character," Francesa says. "I made him out to be an idiot millionaire. But since then, because of my friendship with Parcells, I got to know (Hess) very well. He's such an engaging, bright man. What I learned from that was, you just have to do a little more work and know a man before you go on shooting your mouth off."


"I travel a lot and I listen to a lot of sports talk, and I just don't like what I hear. It's absolute junk. I don't think there's a lot of dignity out there," the reborn Francesa says. "I just feel we've become very irresponsible ... too many off-the-cuff comments, very quick statements, statements that haven't been thought out too well. The attacks have become too personal. The attitude is, `I'll do anything to get attention and say anything to get attention.' It's like, `OK, I said this today, but that doesn't mean I mean it tomorrow.' It's exactly like that famous quote from (boxing promoter) Bob Arum: `Yesterday I was lying. Today I'm telling the truth.'

"We're all very critical, especially guys like me who are over 40 years old now. We are the critics of these Generation X athletes and how badly they behave. But maybe we can behave a little better, too. I mean, how do I get on Keyshawn Johnson for yanking his helmet off or mouthing off about a teammate, then two minutes later on the air call somebody a jerk because I don't agree with what he's saying? You can ask tough questions and smart questions without being rude. We think if we're yelling or rude, we're being tough. But if you watch Ted Koppel or Mike Wallace, they're never rude. (What we have on sports talk) is yell-a-thons, and I've done some of that, too. We can be a little wiser in how we approach our jobs, and classier, too."

17. Do you have the transcript of Joe Beningo's rant when the Knicks traded for Antonio McDyess.


# "Well, I am here, if anyone was wondering where I was. I have to say that I would probably . . . there's been a couple of nights where I really did not want to come in and do the show, there haven't been many: when the Jets lost the AFC title in 1998, after the Frederic Weis debacle in 1999, a few other times. Well, let's put tonight as another one of those nights when I would rather be with all my buddies, James in the Bronx and various Knicks fans, I'm sure Max in the Bronx also, over at the Skybox, next to the Garden, getting wasted. That's where exactly I want to be. Because I'll tell you right now, I am, again, one disgusted Knicks fan."
# "Now, I guess, I guess if you look at the situation as, if you're happy with the mentality at Madison Square Garden of, you know, "we want to sell out the building, we want to get to the second round of the playoffs every year" you know, if that's what you're happy with, you know, as being a Knick fan, then I guess you are thrilled with this trade for Antonio McDyess, I guess you're just thrilled about it. A guy who played last year 19 games less (LESS!) than Marcus Camby: Camby played in 29 games, McDyess played 10."
# "If you don't care if they ever win a championship in our lifetime, in our kids' lifetimes, their kids' lifetimes, the kids after them's lifetime, and on and on and on, then I guess you are thrilled with this move to get Antonio McDyess here. I am not, I am disgusted again by the New York Knicks. I am disgusted with Jim Dolan. I am disgusted with Scott Layden. I am just disgusted with the entire mindset that runs that franchise."
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Gun to your head
Posts: n/a

18. Do you have the Bill Simmons page 2 article when he wrote about listening to Mike and Chris one afternoon?

Here is link. I can't post the text (too many words for one post).
Old 04-24-2008, 08:17 AM
Gun to your head
Posts: n/a

19. How much money do Mike and Chris make?

2005 is the last we could find info on that subject (thanks ICD). Mike made ** million and Dog made ** million. We are not sure if this includes salary from YES.

For the updated salaries visit here: If you can't find it here, email the Admin.

20. Why do you a lot of posters call Mike, 'Tank' ?

One of our posters here gave him that nickname, and it stuck. This was IIRC, around the timeframe Tank Johnson of the Chicago Bears was in the news with his off the field issues.

21. What do you mean when you say 'element'?

That was a term that Chris (mostly) and Mike used when the NBA All Star game was in Las Vegas and there were reported problems with NBA fans running amock. eg. "There was a certain element in Vegas David Stern did not want, etc."

Generally the board believes when Chris uses the word element he is referring to a black person or persons, and most likely a black person(s) that would scare Chris on the street. An offshoot of that is the term 'elemento' which the board has adopted to mean a Latino.

Does this mean Chris (and/or) Mike is a racist? No comment. Search the board for the word racist and you will find plenty of discussion on the matter.

22. Who is Jim?

Jim is (was?) an engineer working a Mike and Chris remote at the Nassau Coliseum on 3/6/2008. Apparently Mike heard him in his headphone, and thought the voice was coming through on the air (which it wasn't). Mike got on Jim's case pretty good and sounded like Jim wasn't backing down.

Here is the YES coverage of the incident. (Thanks Jerome !)

Here is the daily thread about it. The festivities start about 3:30 pm.
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Gun to your head
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Some questions for the listening audience to ponder:

MikeFrancesa.com has tried to advise Mark Chernoff and WFAN to offer full daily podcasts of the Mike Francesa show, if you agree please
email the station and ask them to modernize their digital footprint?

Would you like to see WFAN eliminate the archaic 20/20 updates, please email the station and let your voice be heard and feel free
to call the show to express all of your opinions.

MikeFrancesa.com has no control over WFAN's use of questionable ads/commercials, we have expressed our disdain at some
of the get rich quick real estate scams and snake oil cures, if you feel that these ads show a lack of respect to the listener please email
Mark Chernoff and ask him to only sell ad space to reputable companies.

Does the U.S. government utilize tapes of the Boomer and Carton show as mental torture for the prisoners at Gitmo? Most people can't actually listen voluntarily as Boomer and Carton take 20 minutes to discuss something that could be resolved in one sentence. Carton, "Right, right, right."
Craig Carton is living proof that a ninth grade buffoon can make six figures in this great country. The only person in the media that takes longer than Boomer and Carton to make a point is Rachel Maddow.

Is the Boomer Esiason Foundation a slush fund and power grab modeled after the Clinton Foundation?

For more in depth reporting on all things WFAN visit here: If you can't find it here, email the Admin.

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