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Old 01-20-2019, 12:45 PM
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Default Heavy Vegas Smart/Sharp Money Breaking Late for Rams/Patriots

Heavy Vegas Smart/Sharp Money Breaking Late for Rams/Patriots:

Our Las Vegas source is reporting a late influx of money going to the Rams +3 over the Saints in the 2019 NFC championship game.

And the smart money is breaking late to the Patriots +3 over the Chiefs in the 2019 AFC championship game.

Notation: This website does not promote gambling, rarely post predictions, and we think the sports talk radio landscape is full of snake oil gambling salesmen and sports talk host radio shills (JJ Jastremski) willing to bilk the loyal listener out of their hard earned dollars. We report the smart money action because it sometimes provides clues to the non gambling fans and journalists as to inside information on injuries and weather conditions and other relevant factors. Don't give the snake oil WFAN frauds your money, don't gamble on sports in the tri-state area.

Sports Gambling advice: Don't do it, the gambling junkies like Mike Francesa and JJ Jastremski are just that, talk to sources to confirm, JJ tries to deny it but the clown always refers to a bet he placed for that particular night, every single time he hosts a WFAN show. And the fact that WFAN lets JJ shill for a local dirtbag sports gambling shop is a disgrace. JJ is part of the WFAN trend to morph into the sports gambling talk radio network, just a dinosaur trying to stay relevant as most young people don't listen to talk radio of any kind. #1 in the ratings is a joke, put a chimp in Francesa's spot and it will still defeat Kay, no competition and a Fox News 60 plus audience correlates to a niche only future.

For entertainment purposes, if you can afford to lose $100 a week, bet nothing but if you have to, bet $10, ten percent of what you can afford to lose, if you can't do that then you will end up washed out like JJ will in less than ten years, whether he admits to bankruptcy or not.

Further note: Our Las Vegas inside sources are not like the fool on SNY with sunglasses claiming to give you locks, they just report where the money is going, it just so happens that our record of reporting where the smart money has gone, has destroyed anything heard on WFAN by JJ/Francesa and the rest of the Mush crew, and SNY and the entire ESPN sports tv media complex.

But again, if you have to bet sports, save it for that once or twice visit to Vegas, everything else is a tax on your hard earned money. We would not be shocked if both of the favorites win but we feel good knowing that most of the dumb money is on the favorites but sometimes the dummies win. We also are carefree because we don't bet, sports gambling outside of occasional Vegas trips is for suckers.
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